Photo evaluation

From an image sent to me or shared over the Internet, I make an objective evaluation from the perspective of the photographer, examining the images based on the following criteria:
- The most important is the composition
- Selection of the theme composition
- The technical (photographic) characteristics of the picture
- Image editing

Unit price: 500 HUF / picture
Recommended minimum quantity: 1 picture
Estimated value: 500 HUF

Technical advise

I'll give you advice on purchasing a camera, lens and accessories based on a needs assessment.

Unit price: 6.000 HUF / hour
Recommended minimum quantity: 2 hours
Estimated value: 12.000 HUF

Photography advise

Useful tips to learn the basic features of cameras, DSLR, MILC, or a compact camera, and how to use them to take nice photos.

Init price: 5.000 HUF / hour
Recommended minimum quantity: 6 hours
Estimated value: 30.000 HUF

Photo editing consultation

Learn about the basic capabilities of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Photoshop CC image editors

Unit price: 8.000 HUF / hour
Recommended minimum quantity: 10 hours
Estimated value 80.000 HUF

Photographing on travel or travel for photographing

Pre-Trip Advice, which prepares for travel-centered travel conditions, addresses critical organizational issues and solutions to travel.

Unit price: 40.000 HUF / occasion
Recommended minimum quantity: 1 occasion
Estimated value: 40.000 HUF

Workshop organization and management

Photography workshops requirements based design and organization.

Pricing by case