Before take off (2017)

This picture was the "Photo of the Day” on November 9, 2017 on the National Geographic Hungary website and additionally has 2 “Acceptance”.

Past (2016)

This picture was presented at Gurushots Cape Town (South Africa) “Art of photo” exhibition and additionally has 1 “Acceptance” .

Chaninbridge Budapest (2017)

This picture reached so far 8 "Acceptance", and in 2017 it was awarded by the MERIT AWARD on the "Love for Art" digital photography salon India.

Oooo (2017)

This picture was awarded to HONORABLE MENTION from the PSA jury at the Finnish KUOPIO International digital photography salon in 2018.

Vista to old Bagan (2017)

In addition to 5 “Acceptance”, this image was awarded by the jury a MERIT AWARD in 2017 at the Barasat Photo Club digital photography salon.

We were on the beach (2018)

This picture was awarded "HONORABLE MENTION" in 2018 by the German Photocup photo contest Baden-Würthenberg in addition to 1 "Accept".

Alone (2016)

This picture was awarded to the HONORABLE MENTION Award by the KUOPIO Photo Club Jury at the Finnish KUOPIO International digital photography salon in 2018.

Fishermen dance (2017)

This was exhibited on December 21, 2017 in the PH21 Gallery "Humor" exhibition addition to the 3 "Acceptance".

Light traces (2017)

In addition to 2 "Acceptance", this picture was awarded the "HONORABLE MENTION" award in 2018 from the German "International Photocup Baden-Würthenberg" jury.

Change (2018)

In 2018 I was elected as a member of the World Association of Hungarian Photographers. Some of my photos are visible on the MFVSZ page.

In addition, the “Change (2018)” was presented at the following exhibitions:
From 30. October 2018. to 27. January 2019.
International Hungarian digital photography salon “Purchasing” category - Budapest (Hungarian Museum of Trade and Catering)
From 21. november 2018. to 27. January 2019.
Exhibition - XVIII. International Hungarian digital photography salon - Gödöllő (House of Arts)

Since 2016, I have been taking part on digital photography salons patronized by the two photo world's leading photo associations, FIAP (International International De L’art Photografique) and PSA (Photographic Society of America). Digital photography salons provide an opportunity for an international jury to see our images and get objective feedback on whether we are on the right track.

The lowest level of rating for photo salons is the "Acceptance". This means that the jury believes that the picture has reached an internationally appreciable level.

It is possible that the organizer (usually a photo club or a local photo association) and additional sponsors to award different awards.

At the time of submitting applications, it is already known what awards will be given in addition to the "Acceptance". Most photo contest winners appear in an online catalog of photos. Catalogs often include some of the "Accepted" images.

Based on results of the photography salons, alliances (FIAP, PSA) donate art, distinctive titles and accolades to the candidates.

My goal is to get FIAP admission recognition in 2019. This is the AFIAP (Art of FIAP) Recognition. To do that, basic requirements must be fulfilled. Based on the 2017 policy, these are:

- At least 40 "Acceptance", covering at least 15 photos
- At least 15 different FIAP patronized photography salons must be obtained in at least 8 different countries
- At least 4 of the 15 images must have a minimum of 1 "Acceptance" received on a printed image-based tender.

At the time of post the status is that:

- 76 "Acceptance" refers to 39 photos
- I received "Acceptance" in 14 different FIAP patronized photography salons in 10 countries.

To sum up. To the AFIAP recognition level only the “Print”, ie paper-based results should be collected.